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GSP offers tutoring in an interactive online environment with the assistance of experienced teachers to help your child succeed. Our tutors specialize in Math, English, Science, Early Literacy Skills, Reading, Writing, English-speaking, and Music Lessons for students in grades 1 to 12. We guarantee that we will assist you in developing key academic abilities so that you can achieve your goals and excel in your classes.


We take an unique and innovative approach to teaching that allows students to connect with the subject matter they need to understand while also providing them with up-to-date content to enable them to achieve their academic goals.


    Our mission is to create a welcoming learning atmosphere and assist students in overcoming academic obstacles and guiding the towards autonomous or independent learning. GSP is determined to provide every student with a good experience and opportunity to improve their abilities and self-esteem.

    Gsp features

    •Flexi-hours of online teaching.
    •Research based curriculum.
    •Self paced learning from the comfort of your own space.
    •Adapts to each student's individual learning pace.
    •Learn anytime and anywhere.
    •Less stressful working hours.
    •Fun online learning.
    •complete curriculum coverage with extra learnings.
    •Homeworks and worksheets are given after every class.
    •Weekly tests for checking the performance.
    •Quizzes and assignments during class.
    •Doubt solving sessions.